Digitization at the service of competitive intelligence


  • Mouna Lafrem Université Hassan II de Casablanca


Digitization is central to many development strategies. It is a major growing trend that requires ongoing adaptation on the part of companies and public administrations. Many organizations regard digital technology as a godsend, allowing them to be more reactive, optimize costs and gain market share, while also contributing to the facilitation of competitive intelligence and all its component parts. There is no doubt that new technologies play a major role in the monitoring, processing, and protection of information. This is the subject of our paper, which first examines the opportunities and challenges of Digitization for organizations in the context of economic intelligence and addresses the new technologies that are likely to strengthen its role and accelerate its development.




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Lafrem, M. (2024). Digitization at the service of competitive intelligence. International Journal of Research in Economics and Finance, 1(1), 42–49. Consulté à l’adresse http://ijref.org/index.php/public/article/view/7